About The Studios

The Justin Horacio Creative studios are dedicated solely to images & image preservation.
Timekeeper Studios comes from my last name. In Latin, Horacio means “timekeeper”. This led to the idea of having a creative studio that handles restoring film negatives. The Timekeeper Studio is here for you & your families memories. I currently offer two packages for my film scanning & restoring services. Those can be found in the Timekeeper tab under Creative Studios. 
The Zookeeper Studio comes from my visual artist side & a personal dream of being a wildlife photographer. While studying my undergrad I was determined to work for NatGeo. I then used photography as a tool to create these compositions without going very far, sometimes I never left the photography lab used my own personal library of photos I took to create a new one.  You can find my prints for sale here. Or if you click Zookeeper Studio you will be redirected to a storefront that has an array of different ways you can have my work printed.
That being said, I also do commissions for these works. I myself am very picky with the artwork I have in my home so I understand the struggle. Send me an email if you have a particular image in mind that you want to become a reality.